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My Philosophy

Don't get me wrong, I am the first to admit how wonderful technology is. It has certainly changed our society and made our lives so much easier!!. This is not a blog about getting rid of all modern conveniences. Its a blog that will help to give you ways that you can live in harmony with technology and use it in a healthy and thoughtful way. 

I have learned how EMFs can negatively impact our bodies, yet by making simple changes in our everyday routine, we can significantly begin to reduce our exposure. 

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About EMF-Detox

Welcome! My name is Dr. Kristin and I'm the creator of EMF-Detox. I have no idea what possessed me to film my 1st YouTube video at the start of this year. But one day, while my son was napping, I got out my computer and filmed a video on my laptop. It has become an incredible passion of mine to spread the word about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation, for reasons I describe in this video.

It was so outside of my character to film myself, I hate having all eyes on me! And even yet again, its even MORE out of my character to post that video... but I did. You see when your passion is so incredibly strong, you forget about your own insecurities and your fears about what people may think. Instead you make bold moves, and just GO FOR IT!

And that was how EMF-Detox was born. It came about from my passion for health and my frustration of seeing pregnant women carrying their cell phones next to their growing child and from seeing three year olds with phones pressed against their head. I thought to myself, if people only knew what I know... But the thing is, people won't know what I know, unless I share it. 

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