DefenderShield's Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Have you heard about blue light blocking glasses? Are they really helpful, or just hype? Look no further, you will get the answer here!

A while back, DefenderShield sent me a pair of their Black Flex Blue Light Blocking Glasses with the 50% blue light blocking lenses.

I have to say, I had never tried blue light glasses until I received this pair. Honestly, I didn't quite know what to expect. Every pair of blue light blocking glasses that I had seen up until this point looked like bright orange construction safety glasses, YUCK!

When DefenderShield launched their new line of eyewear, I was really excited to test them! Not only do they look great, but they also have the potential to boost your health! If you haven't heard... it has been said that blue light can decrease your body's natural melatonin production (making it more challenging to sleep), cause eye strain and eye fatigue, cause premature eye aging, and contribute to headaches and migraines.

Now, I don't have trouble sleeping (not since I started turning my wifi off when I'm not using it), I don't feel eye strain or have declining eyesight (so I think), and I rarely if ever get headaches or migraines. So honestly, I was excited to test these glasses but I didn't think I would notice much of a difference from wearing them.

I was WRONG!

What's interesting is that we sometimes don't realize how something is truly affecting us until we make a change.

Here is My Experience

As I have already mentioned, I don't typically have trouble sleeping unless I have something on my mind, or unless my son is teething. However, I didn't realize that the blue light from screens was effecting my ability to feel tired at bedtime. When I started using the DefenderShield glasses throughout the day and evening, I noticed that I was ready for sleep come 10pm. Versus me feeling energized and ready to fold the laundry, clean, or do some other task around the house. Which often led me to going to bed much later than intended. That bad habit of mine would lend to me being sleepy and groggy in the morning and grumbling at my alarm clock for waking me up.

I consider myself a very intuitive person but for some reason, I didn't recognize that this was happening until I tried these glasses. I also never paid attention to the fact that after a prolonged period of looking at a screen, I begun to experience eye strain... that is until trying these glasses! I'm not sure if I started noticing my eye strain because I was trying to be hyper aware of of how my body functioned with and without the glasses, so I could write this stellar review (haha), or if the glasses helped me to realize what it feels like to NOT have eye strain after working on my computer.

Either way though, like the chicken and the egg, it doesn't matter which came first. These glasses helped me to have a better understanding of how my body reacts and responds to technology. You can bet that I will continue to wear them on a daily basis, especially in the evening.

Quality Of The Product

When the box arrived on my doorstep, I was so excited to open the it! I found the glasses were packed with care, wrapped inside a soft cloth protective bag, then inside a hard case, and included was a fabric lens cleaner. Sometimes its the little things that make you feel special, a product packed with care definitely makes me feel just a little bit better about my purchase.

I typically only wear sunglasses so wearing glasses inside is definitely foreign to me. I have to be honest, it took me a few days to get used to wearing glasses indoors, often feeling like I had to pull the glasses off my face in order to see something better (habit from wearing sunglasses). But once I got over that, I found the glasses to be quite comfortable and easy to wear. In fact, I find myself forgetting that I have them on and regularly do the dishes, cook dinner, and play with my son while still wearing them.

The frame of the Flex glasses feels light-weight, yet durable. They feel like my son could drop them on the floor repeatedly and there would be no damage to the frame. No...I did not test this, but they feel like they could withstand the wrath of an almost 2 year old!

My Recommendations

I would definitely recommend DefenderShield's Blue Light Blocking Glasses. I have found that the 50% blue light blocking lenses (yellow lenses) are quite effective for my needs. I like them because they filter out a good amount of blue light without much color distortion. That being said, the 99% blue light blocking lenses (orange lenses) are most likely even more effective. My assumption is that the orange lenses, however, will have more color distortion.

I would say that the yellow lenses are probably best for all day use, whereas the orange lenses are probably best to be used once the sun goes down, or at least 2 hours before bed.

If you work in front of a computer all day long, I would suggest having a pair at your office and either bringing that same pair home every night, or purchasing a second pair. My husband ironically works for a tech company and has three (yes, three!!) computer screens in front of him all day long. Having these glasses at his office has certainly made a big difference for him as well!

Click here to watch my YouTube video to hear about my experience with the DefenderShield blue light blocking glasses!

Click here to take a look at the glasses.

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