DefenderShield's DefenderPad Laptop Desk

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

A protectant lap desk for your laptop?!?

A laptop is called a LAP-TOP for a reason right? I mean wasn't it designed to sit on your LAP?

The thing is, the name is deceiving, it makes it sound like you are SUPPOSED to use the computer on your lap while sitting on the couch, laying in bed, on the floor, etc. That being said most computer companies have since changed the names or their portable computers, no longer calling them laptops. You often hear the term "notebook" or some variation of that used to reference their smaller computers. It is only us, the public, that seem to still use the term laptop.

I highly speculate the reason for this change is to get away from the notion that these computers were meant to be used on the lap. You see, portable computers are constantly sending and receiving signals, be it wifi and bluetooth signals. Not to mention the heat that is generated from the computer while it is being used and while its hooked up to a charger.

DefenderShield recently sent me one of their DefenderPads which is a Laptop EMF Radiation and Heat Shield. This pad is designed to be used under your computer in order to block upwards of 100% of the harmful EMFs from reaching your body and it significantly reduces the amount of heat that that is transmitted to the body as well.

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